MONTHLY PROMOTION *** December 1-31, 2021 ***

For the month of December, any signed Murphy Bed contracts with deposit, will receive the following discount off of the total proposal price.

Northern New Jersey --- 15%

Central New Jersey ----- 10%

Southern New Jersey----- 5%

All other areas, please call to see your monthly special.


As you know March 2020 changed the way a lot of us go about our day. What was once somewhat rare, working from home, was becoming commonplace for many in the workforce. People were scrambling to find appropriate places in the house to set up a remote office to complete their work and have zoom meetings. Who would have thought that a year later a lot of people would still be doing the same thing? What was once thought of as a temporary arrangement has now become permanent for many people and they are looking for long term solutions to their space problems. Multi use rooms start to show their real value when one could be used for a home office during the day but be converted into a bedroom, guest room, craft or hobby room when the work day is done.


If you have found yourself here, there is a very good possibility that we were in your shoes several years ago. We were looking for a “Murphy Bed” solution for our modest home to free up some much needed space, but were disappointed by what we found.

  • Inexpensive imports, which were cheaply made with inferior materials and questionable hardware.
  • Domestically manufactured, but with limited options and dated designs.
  • Exorbitantly priced custom units.

We began to realize that there was a real market need for higher quality, reasonably priced Murphy Beds, which also allowed for some customization and design options. So the framework for Beacon Cabinetry’s "Murphy Wall Beds" was set into motion. We already had the machinery and the knowledge to produce kitchen and bath cabinetry, built-ins and fine woodwork, in a quick and efficient manner, all while keeping the final costs in check. So all we needed to do was to transition our methodology to the manufacturing of Murphy Beds and get the word out, that there was now a better option.

Who would have thought that finding a Cherry, Walnut or Mahogany Murphy Bed for a home office/guest room could be so difficult? Rustic oak or cherry, quarter sawn white oak, painted with an opaque finish to compliment your décor? Do you want it raw or primed, so your painter or decorator could finish it or did you want to finish it yourself to save some money? Well, we am here to tell you that this is no longer a problem.

Give us a call and we can discuss the options to not only make your space beautiful and more useful, but to also increase the value of your biggest investment, your home.


Our process for Murphy beds is quite simple. All you need to do is to measure your space (width and height) to the nearest inch and supply those rough dimensions, along with digital pictures of where you would like your bed and optional cabinetry to go. Please also note any electrical outlets and switches, AC registers, heating radiators or anything else that may impact the installation of cabinetry.

The internet is a wonderful source of inspiration and design ideas, so any pictures that define the style you are looking for would be greatly helpful.

We will then have a phone consultation with you to discuss further details, which will allow us to supply you with a detailed quote and you will be able to view some CAD (computer aided design) renderings of our design. Once a design and quote are approved, we will schedule a site visit to finalize the room dimensions, cabinetry choices and establish a proposed install date.


As a full-service cabinet shop, we are not only able to build a beautiful Murphy wall beds, but also a full room of cabinetry if the project calls for it. This is a service that most wall bed vendors are unable to perform, so instead of matching you existing room, you would have to try to compliment it or settle for something close enough.

Also, side cabinets are a common addition to Murphy Beds. While these are offered in standard sizes from our competitors (18”, 24” and 30”), we can offer you any size to fit your space, so you don’t have a one size fits all solution.